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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bread and Kitchy Art - Pan de Amerikana Marikina

The heavy rains had us scurrying towards the thatched roof of Pan de Amerikana Bakery one day for an afternoon snack and a respite from all that driving we did that day.  Thus, I was unable to take a picture of its famous landmark - the windmill.  Despite the gloomy weather, we were greeted with artsy delights - from a bridge and a pond to assorted and mismatched bric a bracs, from antique musical instruments and radios to movie stars of LVN or Sampaguita pictures fame. 
And of course, who would miss the giant chess set against the backdrop of Roman pillars?  My husband and daughter made a beeline towards it.  The game is afoot - literally.
Our large group settled near the giant aquarium and there were orders for pasta carbonara, pancit palabok (rice vermicelli in seafood aioli), halo-halo (assorted sweetened beans and fruit in crushed ice, milk and sugar), and of course their 1950s style large wheat pan de sal (bread of salt), which can be served either with corned beef, butter or Cheez Whiz and accompanied by coffee (instant 3-in-1!). 
The bread is the reason why one goes there - baked fresh daily, chewy on the inside, crusty and crumbly on the outside, and totally healthy since they only make it with whole wheat flour.
I didn't take pictures of the plates we ordered since, frankly, it wasn't that worth it.  It was bland all around.  But do go there for the bread, and maybe rest a little on the hammock, or tinker with their assorted and interesting decorative pieces as props.  I hear that they serve flavorful Pinaputok na Tilapia (Tilapia fried in banana leaves) and even steaks.  But will have to go back there and try it out when the weather is better.  
Besides good bread and art, they also sponsor tai chi and art lessons, and from time to time, conduct chess clinics.  Thus, there are a million reasons to go and spend some time in this charming pocket of Marikina.  It makes one curiouser and curiouser.

Pan de Amerikana
92 Gen. Ordonez cor. Maroon Streets
Marikina Heights, 1800 Marikina City
Metro Manila
+63 2 4752398

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