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Friday, May 24, 2013

Travelling East Side

Two months on the campaign trail, I must say that road trips are what I prefer.  You get to see everything, and everything happens to be a surprise.  I used to be a Metro Manila resident so all I got to see were buildings, wide city streets filled with traffic jams (except on weekends when it does get quiet), throngs of people, and the heat.  Except for the occasional trip to Tagaytay (where on weekends, you also get to deal with heavy traffic since everyone wanted a piece of provincial life), my world was pretty much steel and cement. 

But getting to travel on the road, most of the time outside the metro, I realized that the Philippines is such a beautiful country.  There is much to discover and appreciate.  The churches of Rizal, for example, are not getting much publicity but I was able to see how the people of the few towns I went to were able to preserve their religious heritage.  Here are a few examples:

Above, is the main altar, and below is the façade of the Binangonan church.

Below is the Morong church on top of a hill.  So far the most romantic-looking of all the churches I've seen here in Rizal.

After browsing the church's historical marker, no wonder that I found the interiors of the church evocative of Tudor style architecture.  There is the enduring beauty in its starkness and simplicity.

The church in the town of Teresa, on the other hand, is relatively new compared to its neighboring towns, but worth the visit nonetheless.  I was not able to take a snapshot of its façade, but the altar is very colorful, and much of its contents came from the original church which has become too small for the faithful.


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